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Shop from France! Delivered to Bulgaria!

Bonjour et Bienvenu! We are delighted to announce that from November 15th 2021, EshopWedrop will now offer our customers the chance to shop from France and have your purchases delivered to you in Bulgaria!

France is one of the biggest ecommerce driven countries on the planet with over 120,000 active online retail stores and rising. Fashion is one of the leading markets in France with a projected market volume of US$21,973m by the end of 2021.


What does this mean for you?

On November 15th you will find a new address in your online profile; from which you can order items from France to! Simply shop online as you would normally do and use the provided French shopping address found in your profile. From here you can then arrange onward delivery of your items to Bulgaria, swiftly and inexpensively!

So, whether you are a French national living in Bulgaria, or just hungry for the latest fashion from Paris, we are confident this service will be of great benefit to our customers.


What is so special about EshopWedrop?

EshopWedrop is a convenient, reliable and cost-effective cross border solution for consumers seeking to purchase from foreign markets other than their own. EshopWedrop seeks to eliminate the obstacle of online retailers who do not offer delivery to Bulgaria.

Mircea Bandean, Founder and Managing Director of EshopWedrop commented “At EshopWedrop we provide an ongoing commitment to continually develop and grow the service we offer to our customers. As a result, we are delighted to have launched this newest market in France, which will offer our customers a variety of unique online retailers to purchase discounted products or items that are simply unavailable when compared to buying locally in Bulgaria”.

Are you new to EshopWedrop? In addition to offering France as a consumer sourcing market, we also offer Italy, the United Kingdom, USA, Poland, Romania and Germany! And for first time users of our service, you will receive your first order on us for FREE! *

Registration with EshopWedrop is completely free. Create your EshopWedrop account today and automatically receive your personal delivery addresses for Europe and USA upon successful identification of your account.

We hope you are excited about this newest shopping market as much as we are and start enjoying your purchases from France!


Merci Beaucoup,

Your EshopWedrop Team



Terms & Conditions

To qualify for the Free EshopWedrop delivery, verify your identity today and unlock your personal EshopWedrop Delivery addresses. The free EshopWedrop delivery discount will be activated automatically and be valid for one month from activation of your account (the moment you unlock your EshopWedrop delivery addresses). This discount is valid only for EshopWedrop delivery charges up to the value of 20BGN and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts offered by EshopWedrop.

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