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Why Identity Verification matters to us!

During the last year we have seen a huge increase in online sales, as the pandemic drove more and more people to take their shopping needs digital. As circumstances have kept us home, the demand for safer online shopping and delivery has skyrocketed.

Businesses around the world have adapted to this swift change to an ecommerce driven market in an attempt to accommodate the multitudes of tech savvy shoppers seeking to purchase their essentials in a safe and efficient manner. While this is a major boon to online retailers, it has also created its own set of challenges; namely online fraudsters seeking to exploit weaknesses in new platforms hastily developed in a period of such uncertainty.

Various methods of fraud including but not limited to phishing, ransomware, credit card cloning, and physical theft have made it easier than ever for fraudsters to capture personal and financial information from consumers making transactions online. We take every effort to protect consumers using our service and ensure that we offer a safe and secure platform. SSL certificates protect our websites from attack and give can offer you confidence that our site is authentic and trustworthy.

Identity verification is a simple way of proving that users on our platform are exactly who they are claiming to be. For online retailers, identity verification methods typically require some personal information, such as a name or postal address to check and verify the identity of shoppers by matching data from a range of sources, such as banks or building societies.

It comes as no surprise that many consumers are hesitant in sharing personal information online. To that end we have partnered with identification verification experts who use machine learning and real time data in an attempt to combat online fraud at a global scale to ensure that our customers receive the very best service we can offer.

We have a variety of Identity verification methods that, whilst may seem time consuming, are for both your benefit and our own. We understand that online shopping should be quick and easy and some of our identification processes seem anything but, however it is more important than ever to keep your digital profile safe and out of harm’s way. A few extra minutes here could make all the difference and will allow you to shop around the world, safe in the knowledge that your account is as secure as can be.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with some of the identification solutions below and decide for yourself which you are most comfortable using. Full access to your account can only be achieved by using one of the following methods:

Online Bank Transfer

For customers who choose to make an online payment, you will be redirected to your online banking profile. Here you will be required to make a small charge payment from the bank account in your name. Your identity will be confirmed instantly if successful. We do understand that some customers are hesitant in sharing banking details online and so we have a range of non-banking identification methods that you may find more comfortable to use.

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With customers all over the world it becomes a challenge to verify international users. Thankfully, the stellar verification service provided by iDenfy, which uses artificial intelligence to match users to official identity documents, has so far protected our platform from fraudulent users seeking to use our service for illegal activity. Selecting this option will redirect you to our verification partner. Simply upload an accepted ID document and once approved, you will be ready to start using EshopWedrop immediately.

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We hope that this has gone some way in reassuring you about how safe and easy it is to verify your identity on our platform. Signing up to our service is a smooth process; on verifying your account you can start enjoying our full range of services immediately. Start shopping from your favourite international brands today! Register Now!

Or to learn more about our service, click here!

Should you have any questions regarding the identity verification process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team who can assist you with any queries you might have!


Shop safe,

Your EshopWedrop Team

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