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New Year, New You! Be the best you can be with EshopWedrop!

Welcome to 2022! Yet another year has gone by and what an emotional rollercoaster it has been! We have seen the United Kingdom leave the European Union, have lived through continued disruptions and devastation caused by the ever-present and ongoing coronavirus pandemic, joined together in a united front to tackle climate change and have all, no doubt, wished for an end to what has been a year full of uncertainty and unimaginable stress.

The new year offers a chance to wipe the slate clean, recharge your batteries and move forward full of hope and optimism for the months to come. And if the last few years have taught us anything it would be how important it is to prioritise mental and physical well-being. How you chose to do this is up to you entirely, but we have a few suggestions; and by way of the amazing deals and promotions available during the January sales, you can soon have the tools and resources you need, delivered directly to your door!

Exercise - 150 minutes of exercise a week is recommended for the average adult, whether this be going to the gym, playing a sport or even something as simple as walking the dog. Research has shown that physical activity has the ability to enhance our mental well-being, creating a feeling of energy and positivity. Take a look at some of our favourite exercise related finds in January sales around the world:


Yoga and Meditation – With an important emphasis on breathing technique and creating a calm space, both yoga and meditation can be invaluable tools in both mental and physical well-being. As weights are used to strengthen muscles, so can yoga and meditation be used to strengthen the mind, reduce anxiety and combat depression. We have scoured the internet to find you some of the best yoga and meditation products on the market:

Yoga and Meditation

Nutrition – The food we consume does not only affect our physical health but also our mental wellbeing. A balanced diet has the power to make us feel better whereas things like caffeine can make us irritable and tired. Understanding your relationship with food and its ability to affect both body and mind is crucial. For instance, did you know that fish oil can reduce the symptoms of depression? Check out some of the amazing content we have found from nutrition specialists around the world:

Barnes and Noble

Connection – The pandemic has made it hard for many of us to connect with loved ones this past year. Closed borders, lockdowns and government-imposed restrictions have kept us at home or away from family around the world. It is so important to maintain social connections; spending time with family and friends can help you with feelings of isolation. Where physical interaction isn’t possible, we can turn to technology to keep us all connected. We have found some amazing gadgets that will keep us all communicating:


New Year Sales are one of the biggest shopping events of the year with huge reductions on everything from technology to books and clothes! With amazing savings for you to take advantage of; the January sales are sure to energize and inspire you this year!


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