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‘Dangerous Goods’ Parcels from the USA

Sometimes parcels can contain products known as ‘Dangerous Goods’. It is important that you are aware of the items that are considered ‘Dangerous Goods’ which can be purchased from the USA, as these cannot always be transported due to regulations.

Some goods are classified as ‘dangerous’ or ‘hazardous’ and can be unfit for safe transit. This category can include the following items: aerosols, perfume or anything containing lithium batteries – phones and laptops.

Please find below the list of ‘Dangerous Goods’ parcels:

  • Parcels including Li-Ion and Li-Metal Batteries are classed as ‘Dangerous Goods’.
  • Only UN3481 can be transported.
  • All other Dangerous Goods’ codes cannot be transported. These include: UN3480, UN3091 and UN3090.
  • For the parcels containing unknown Dangerous Goods’ codes, they will require being opened and unpacked for retrieval of cliental documentation. This documentation can then determine which of the 4 codes above the parcel is.
    Please note there will be a repacking fee involved for these parcels and they will be marked in the system until the repacking is confirmed by you.
  • We can currently only transport the code: UN3481. We are organising transports only when the volumes are high enough for these ‘Dangerous Goods’ parcels. Generally, this transport happens once per month.
  • For the codes we cannot transport, please contact our customer support team and confirm if you would like to return the parcels to the USA sellers.
  • For laptops and products containing batteries please also contact our client support team.

It’s our priority to ensure your parcels are delivered to you and to make you aware if they contain dangerous items. However, for parcels containing products as per the list above, we cannot be held liable.

We do apologise for any inconvenience this might cause. 

We strongly suggest before placing an order, that you read our Terms and Conditions.


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