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What goods cannot be delivered from the USA to Bulgaria?

The USA EshopWedrop Origin warehouse is based in New York. This means, that every time you are shopping from online retailers in America your parcels will be sent to the USA Origin Warehouse, and from there your parcels will arrive in the Netherlands, before being delivered to you in Bulgaria.

When parcels arrive in the Netherlands, each of them is subject to import customs formalities – this allows the parcels to be circulated as EU parcels to any EU destination country without any other customs formalities during the transit or at destination. When preparing your customs declaration, you will be asked to provide a detailed description of the contents of your parcel. This in turn will generate HS codes used in the customs clearance procedure by Dutch customs officials. We have discovered that items with HS codes beginning with 0, 1, or 2 are strictly prohibited by Dutch officials.

Please find below a list with examples of products that cannot be delivered from the USA to Europe subject to Dutch custom formalities (this list is not exhaustive, and the prohibited products are not only limited to the examples below):

  • Animal products, All food and drink,
  • Live animals, birds, cattle, livestock,
  • Counterfeit goods,
  • Plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables,
  • GBL = Gamma-Butyrolacton,
  • Weapons, ammunition, incendiary devices,
  • Vitamins, supplements, medication
  • Unregistered medication, illegal drugs, including products allowed for being traded in the Origin Country including a low quantity of drugs like for example CBD-based oils and products.
  • Waste Products, human waste,
  • Seeds, protected plant species,
  • Batteries, explosives, flammable substances, chemical products, sulpha, mineral fuels, resins, or other dangerous substances/radioactive substances,
  • Culture goods, art, antiques,
  • Vehicles, cars, motorcycles, pleasure craft, yachts

It’s our priority to ensure your parcels are customs cleared and delivered to you. However, for parcels containing products as per the list above, we cannot be held liable for your losses. The authorities are known for their confiscation and destruction of these items.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and we strongly suggest that before placing an order, you read our Terms and Conditions – 3.10 (3) regarding the size, packaging, and contents of your parcel.

Please note: These products are given as examples and the list is not exhaustive. Please ensure you observe the relevant legislation in the USA, EU, and Bulgaria for any products which might not be allowed.


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