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What is the Ne$t Programme?

The Ne$t Programme, gives you the option to top up and withdraw the amount you wish and use it for future payments without the need of adding again your bank details.

It's simple, quick, and there are no fees.

Your Ne$t Programme can be used for online delivery payments from any EshopWedrop destination country available in your profile.


Why to you join the NE$T Programme?

The main benefits that we encourage you to use the NE$T are the following:

Earn Cashback - Earn while you shop with the NE$T cashback option.

Secure Payments - Limit the risk of online payments by using your NE$T balance

Free & Good for Budgeting - We don’t charge any fees or commissions & helps keep on track on your spending

It’s fast - Faster delivery & payment experience when activating together with EDee Express


How the NE$T works?

It’s simple and easy to either Top Up or Withdraw an amount from your NE$T account.


To Top Up your NE$T Account:

Step.1 Enter the amount and select top up

Step.2 Finalize the online payment

Step.3 Your top up amount will be added to your balance and will appear on your Statement


To withdraw from your NE$T Account:

Step.1 Enter the amount you want to withdraw (if positive balance)

Step.2 Your withdrawal amount will be deducted from your balance and will appear on your Statement

Step.3 We will transfer the withdrawal amount to your bank account


More information about NE$T and its Terms & Conditions could be found here 

To Access the NE$T programme you will need to be an EshopWedrop registered member. If you don’t have an EshopWedrop account, you can create one for free here


Have more questions? Give us a call and member of the team will be happy to assist you

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